My opinion on EBay Or amazon

Ebay Vs Amazon.. The Ultimate Debate. I remember once upon a time when everyone went out to the store to purchase there favourite item of clothing, electronic or kitchen appliance. But these days there is a whole new way of “Living” Should I say? The massive online shopping revolution has changed everything! And at the forfront of it all is the two biggest players in online Shopping is Ebay and Amazon. 
Unlike everyone thinks both ebay and amazon don’t actually sell most of there products themselves. Where ebay is fully third party fulfilled. Meaning other people sell on ebay as a platform not ebay selling there own products. Where amazon does a little bit of both.

Whenever I talk to people about online shopping the first thing I always here is amazon. And I’ll admit amazon has its perks. If you want your order tomorrow then you can’t beat it’s prime shipping.. and honestly I used amazon for years. But recently I started an online business and I have used amazon and ebay to sell my products and from my experience of using there platforms to sell. Ebay has lower fees and therefor for the buyer. You will probably find you item at a lower price.

And sure enough you can! I am know a active ebay Store Owner and buyer. I can honestly say I haven’t shopped on amazon In over a year! With ebay auctions and buy it nows you can surely find a product at lowest cost on ebay! And everyone is always worried about ebay being a reseller software. Well what most people don’t know is even if the seller does not state it ebay has a 30 day money back guarantee on every item bought! So you don’t have to worry about an item coming not as described!
Well that is my views on the Amazon company ebay! If you would like to see some of the amazing deals I talked about then click here or if you would like to check out my store then come check it out at Mr Canada Retail 
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