Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 Headphone

Since These are a brand new product on Mr Canada we thought we should do a review, and since we love razer what a better product. As always with Razer this headset has exceptional sound quality and is everything you would expect that way. There is one con in my mind though, there is no boom mic wich I enjoy on my microphones, but for 39.99 you cannot go wrong!


The Hammerhead Pro V2 is like Every other Razer product… beautiful. The earpieces, in-line microphone/remote, and right angle 3.5mm plug are all black, while the flat cable is a bright, fluorescent green. Each earpiece is metal, with a textured band around the cylindrical body that gives it an industrial appearance, and a green Razer logo. 

The earphones come with  three pairs of silicone eartips in different sizes and a short headphone splitter that converts the single four-pole 3.5mm connector into two three-pole 3.5mm connectors. You also get a zip-up case for carrying everything, with a small mesh pouch.

The Hammerhead Pro V2 can work with nearly any gaming or mobile device. It can simply plug into smartphones and tablets, and all three major gaming consoles support a 3.5mm connection in some form. As for PCs, if your system doesn’t support microphone input with a four-pole connector, the splitter has you covered.
Razer Hammerhead Pro V2
Music Performance

The Hammerhead’s audio performance is sculpted to give extra attention to the highs and lows over midrange frequencies, which is a standard approach we’ve seen for gaming-focused audio products. That said, the sound is satisfyingly balanced and offers a good overall listening experience for only 39.99 on Mr Canada.
Gaming and Voice Chat

Games sound excellent on the Hammerhead. In Battlefield  the sound of the explosions get lots of bass-heavy power that provides them a real sense of force, The sounds of the bullets flying by your head and your friends on your team is unbeatable.

In the end, the Hammerhead Pro V2 is an outstanding Gaming headset and music headphones for any of your headphone needs. I would personally Recommend these any day and for only 39.99 at Mr Canada it won’t break your bank to buy a good Gaming headset.


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