Passion for Programming 

HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, C++ when I first started to learn computer programing and Web Development this was all new to me. Now Web Development and software development is a  very in depth knowledge to learn. I started with HTML and CSS because Web Development is my passion. I really wanted to make an online store and And an blog so I started to learn HTML and CSS. 
My journey into learning programming was not easy to say the least, and I am still learning to this day. Coding is no quick practice, it take you years and years to master it, And months to even understand it! But it’s 100 percent worth it! At the start of your journey you will get frustrated and feel like quitting .. but I promise you stick to it and you will get it in no time!

If you keep coding then one day you will finally get it and you will finally get that overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy when you do. It makes you feel like a genius! Like you can do anything! And you pretty much can. If you learn coding the possibilities are endless! With this knew knowledge of yours you can make a website, a mobile application or anything you want!

Now if anyone is interested in coding then I have some tips to help you succeed! Rule #1 is code everyday!! The practice that helped me with my coding success the most is code everyday! If you do something everyday for at minus an hour a day then by the end of 1 month that’s 30 hours practice, not to shabby. Now my next tip for you is to use the free websites for learning. There are tons. My two favorite is free code camp and codeschool if you use both of those on a daily bases with in a month you will understand the basics of code. Now I hope all of you will enjoy the new skill you aquire called computer programming and I hope you all love it as much as I do!


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