Exploitation and Cryptography

Linux, kali, cryptography, c++.. my journey into the realms of hacking was, daunting to say the least. When people think of hacking the first thing they think of is a criminal with a Anonymous mask on sitting in a dark room breaking into government computer programs. Thats not at all what I’m talking about.  Mind you that is hacking, highly skilled hacking at that but also illegal. I am just talking about breaking into systems you own wich is completely legal.

A few years back when I was watching Mr Robot I seen all the amazing things this young computer hacker could do with technology, it was incredible. I love to learn anything I can and I figured this would be a very valuable thing to learn. So I started looking into it and I figured out the first thing I needed to do was learn Linux. I will go into why to use Linux in a later post but for now all i will say is Windows is very insecure and almost every hacking program learns on Linux. 

So know I knew where to start so I downloaded a copy of kali Linux installed it and about 45 minutes later I had a fresh install of kali. Know I’ve got to say once I got that done it felt amazing, like I am already a smarter person than I was an hour ago, but I was also stumped. From there I tried multiple free online services to learn the Linux command line ( a Must) but they were not put together very well. After that I went and picked up The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction and wow how much better was that. In my opinion if you are brand new to Linux I would advise pickin up a copy of The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introductionand get started ASAP. 

Now once I learned the basics of the Linux command line i felt like a genius. I’m not going to lie once you can control a computer from its command line, you truly find out not only the Power of the pc infront of you but also the power of what you can do with a computer. 

From there I decided since one book took me the fast track to learning Linux I will try another. It worked! This book saved me days if not months of countless Google searches and wasted days. Once I finished reading Hacking For DummiesI was breaking into my own networks and computer systems in no time. Ever forget your WI fi password.. no problem just Crack it. and many other countless options like watching American Netflix from outside of America and anything you can dream of! There has even been guys hacking there keruig machines to make it connect to there android phones via WI fi. P.s android is also Linux.

So was my journey into the realms of hacking, and it will never be over. As software and hardware continue to develop you also have to develop your skills. Witch makes it a perfect Hobbie for any intellectual person who loves to learn on a daily bases. Please remember please abide by all legal guidelines I do not condone anything illegal.


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