Oh The Nostalgia!

 Recently I got this new computer for work, It’s  not a gaming computer in any sense. Anyway one day while I was “hard at work” I started thinking about the old school gaming I used to do as a kid (nes, n64, etc) and I started remembering how much fun those actually are! So I hopped over to my trusty friend Google, and typed in nes emulator and within minutes I had an nes on my new laptop. After that all I had to do was a little ROM search and there we go.. we have games!

Now all of that took me about 20 minutes and now I was playing Mario on my computer and reliving my childhood ( as much as possible). Oh the nostalgia! Can’t say I stopped there, about an hour later I have every system before Playstation 2 and every game I want..for free! Mario, Kirby, Mario kart, crash bandicoot oh my how much have I missed these games! So simple yet so great, remember those days? The days before 80$ games? The days before you buy a game but then need another 100$ in dlcs for the full package? The days when you can buy a game come home and play it, without having to wait an hour for updates? 

Well I do, and as much as I love the new generation of gaming and how you can play with your friends from all over the world. Yes it’s great, but I honestly belive there is no social aspect to that anymore. Remember the days when you and 3 friends would stay up all night playing games like medal of honor on your ps2 with a multitap?  Keeping you parents awake from the laughs and screams from all the fun you guys would have gaming side by side and sharing all those laughs, food and amazing memorys together? I am so glad I got to experience all of those times growing up in my life and it helped shaped me to the social person I am today. If any of you have had the same experiences feel free to share.


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