Seige The Day

Tom Clancy. What do you think when you here that name? Readers may think of an intelligent man with intriguing writing. Some people may think “who is Tom Clancy?” But the majority of you reading my blog will think of “realistic, top knotch tactical shooters” and that’s exactly what rainbow Six seige is all about.

Rainbow six seige is a team game where one team attacks a building to defuse a bomb or release a hostage and the other team defends. Sounds easy, mite even sound boring, but is it ever fun! Seige is by far one of the most realistic tactical shooters out there. You can shoot peep holes threw walls, shoot traps out of the roof and literally do anything you can in real life. Most of all though I enjoyed the tactical part. After work me and 4 friends would sit down, put on our mics, and indulge in a night full of swat like raiding. In this game to succeed you need full use of the camera system and your ears! If you don’t have a team that can work together you will not win. Even when you die. You get full use of the camera system so you better have a mic!

So as you  can see how hard this game can be, but if you have a few friends who like to play realistic shooters then I advise you pick this up tonight! You won’t regret it!

Click here if you want to try it out today!


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