Ps4 vs Xbox One vs Pc why the debate?

It seems to me in the world of gaming everyone just loves to debate. Either it’s call of duty or battlefield, Multi-player or campaign. Then there is the debate that every gamer has participated in at least once.. the console debate.

But I say why the debate? I used to be am Xbox fan boy back in high school. But obviously I got the ring of death. So  then I switched to a ps4 for about a year until the paid Internet service and having two of the break on me in that time. Then recently I decided to stop with the almost yearly console upgrades, the paid Internet services and the server outages and just build my own pc.

Now I realize yes building your own pc. Wow that sounds like likes daunting task!( and expensive) I know it did to me. But I put my finances and will power together and dove into the world of pc gaming, and is it ever a joy! Faster frame rates! Better graphics, better games, no yearly upgrades! Now this is the life why did I not ever do this before! 

I know people have there reason for their choice of console. Im not saying anyone is wrong to choose a certaion one, but In my opinion if you can save to afford it and you are a true gamer at heart. You have to build your own pc! The process in it self is an unforgettable feeling. Not to mention the powerful rig you have after do do nearly anything you ever want on it!
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