My opinion on EBay Or amazon

Ebay Vs Amazon.. The Ultimate Debate. I remember once upon a time when everyone went out to the store to purchase there favourite item of clothing, electronic or kitchen appliance. But these days there is a whole new way of “Living” Should I say? … More My opinion on EBay Or amazon

Oh The Nostalgia!

 Recently I got this new computer for work, It’s  not a gaming computer in any sense. Anyway one day while I was “hard at work” I started thinking about the old school gaming I used to do as a kid (nes, n64, etc) and I started remembering how much fun those actually are! So I … More Oh The Nostalgia!

Seige The Day

Tom Clancy. What do you think when you here that name? Readers may think of an intelligent man with intriguing writing. Some people may think “who is Tom Clancy?” But the majority of you reading my blog will think of “realistic, top knotch tactical shooters” and that’s exactly what rainbow Six seige is all about. … More Seige The Day